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This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Buck Buchanan questions regarding the new ambassador program for the City's downtown. "They are virtually a Walmart greeter in the City's downtown," said Buchanan.

Small change in new space makes big impact

With all the water and destruction in our basement we have barely had time to enjoy being outside this summer so my husband finally said 'that's it' and got to work on our new fire pit area.

'Sleepsex' a good thing for morning blues?

"Do you know what I dreamed about last night?" is a remark often heard over breakfast. The dream may be a remembrance of a past trip, or a vision of a long-departed friend.

Argument for elected senators representing Albertans in Ottawa

As Alberta's three remaining senators-elect, we want to state publicly our belief that the Alberta government should hold a new Senate election with the province-wide municipal elections this fall.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett asked Councillor Larry Pimm questions regarding his Notice of Motion to give low income seniors in Red Deer a tax break.

Homebuyers chart uncertain economic times

I'm sure glad I'm not an economist! The past few months have been disastrous to say the least when it comes to forecasting the economy. Might as well throw darts at a chart and speculate on the value that you've hit.

Some things are nonsense

I'm sure you've received plenty of e-mails about the June 2 HighWays Express column, but Tout Jour Prest is nonsense. It doesn't mean anything. In French, 'always ready' is written 'Toujours Pręt.


This week, all current councillors are away at Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Toronto so Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked former Councillor Vesna Higham questions regarding what she believes will be the big election issues this year.

Eskimos fans long for better days

What a sad state of affairs it is at Commonwealth Stadium these days.

Red Deer's got talent

On behalf of the staff at the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Northern Alberta & Territories Branch and Red Deer & District Unit, I would like to thank Red Deer's Got Talent Society for their recent donation of $3,000.