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Remembering message of 60s' flower children a thought for 2010

Five decades ago when I was young and innocent there were wars and horrible events happening around the globe but there was a prevalent counter culture that encouraged us to search for peace, love and harmony.

No excuse for beaver shooting

It sickened my heart to read of a person going out of his/her way to shoot this helpless creature (beaver – Express July 28). Of course it put Red Deer in a bad light.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Cindy Jefferies questions regarding what issues are important to her as an elected official and what can be done to achieve success in terms of those issues.

In defence of loud pipes

In regards to Mark Gaboury's Letter to the Editor (July 7 – 'Muffling the mufflers') my guess is that you don't ride a motorcycle. I do and I believe in the saying, 'Loud pipes save lives.


This week, Express reporter Mark Weber has asked Councillor Tara Veer questions regarding her thoughts on how the City is handling its public art policy, and what can be done to further improve the process of selecting art for public venues in the co

Health foundation clarifies facts

The Red Deer Regional Health Foundation applauds the generous support the Red Deer Express has contributed towards its fundraisers, the Love of Children Golf Classic, the Hospitals Lottery, the Cattle Round-Up, and the Festival of Trees.


This week, Express reporter Mark Weber asked Councillor Larry Pimm questions regarding his thoughts on City council's recent adoption of the River Valley Tributaries Park Concept Plan.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Lynne Mulder questions regarding the preliminary design for the Gaetz Ave. revitalization project. "I really like what it does for our downtown," said Mulder.

Plenty of questions for Rebels new season

By the time this newspaper reaches your doorstep, we'll have exactly 11 days until the Western Hockey League season is upon us. Training camp for the Red Deer Rebels kicks off on Aug.

Creating a smoke-free generation in Alberta

After helping to "but out" a billion cigarettes over the past three years – enough cigarettes to circle the world twice if placed end to end – the provincial government was a worthy recipient of the recent Tobacco Reduction Achievement Award.