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Close encounters of the terrible kind

Battle: Los Angeles: one star Rated: PG-13 for violence and coarse language There’s not much I can say about Battle: Los Angeles that probably hasn’t been said by others in my field. It’s loud, chaotic, and an absolute mess.

Voting my be an exercise in futility

So, we are into another federal election hoopla once again. On May 2 I will dutifully trudge to the poll, enter the polling booth and mark my X for the candidate of my choice, as I have since I was old enough to vote.

A smelly situation?

Something in Canada stinks right now.

Japan's crisis forces look at energy use

The massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan are horrendous and heart-wrenching, and our thoughts are with the people of that country as they cope with the aftermath and the terrible losses they have suffered.

Daylight Savings time not really saving us anything

Once again millions of school children will have their schedule disrupted as our clocks are re-adjusted to the new time designations.

Planned clustering a more realistic approach

Banning clustered development is, for me, a near-sighted exercise that will come back to bite the growth pressures that are inevitable.

Rule by deception

The world is not always as it appears on the surface, this is graphically illustrated by the tumultuous events taking place across the Arab countries.

Profit and complicity

The Harper and Obama administrations have called for sanctions to be imposed on arms sales to Libya. Additionally, UN officials are saying Muammar Gaddafi could be prosecuted as a war criminal.

Poison warning messages must get through

The old adage that kids will be kids is good and well when it comes to such things as game playing and even harmless mischief.

Unfair to saddle east side owners with full cost

I have grave concerns about the east side water and sewer project as was presented by the Town of Sundre.