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Daylight Savings time saving nothing

Once again millions of school children will have their schedule disrupted as our clocks are re adjusted to the new time designations.

Aquaplex's cash flow problem a concern for us all

The Board of Directors for the Sundre & District Aquatic Society recently found it necessary to alert the Town of Sundre council about a cash flow problem that the society faces this year.

In honour of Procrastination Week

In honour of National Procrastination Week last week, (I know, I'm a little late) let's take a moment to feature the greatest procrastinator in history (besides you).

How the west was fun

Rango: four stars Rated: PG for language and mature subject matter Rango is a true delight. It’s like being handed the keys to the Aquafina plant during a period of great drought.

No apology needed

I am writing in response to Bev Currie’s Letter to the editor re: “Apology wanted from MP” in the March 15 issue of the Innisfail Province. There is no reason to apologize to farmers.

More revolutions to come

The world is not always as it appears on the surface. This is graphically illustrated by the tumultuous events taking place across the Arab countries.

Poison warning messages must get through

Editorial 3-22 Poison warning messages must get through The old adage that kids will be kids is good and well when it comes to such things as game playing and even harmless mischief.

Sundre is not the place for proposed grandiose sports complex

Ever since I first started reading about the proposal to build a grandiose sports complex in Sundre I wondered “why?”. Before I get into this, I want you to know that my thoughts have nothing to do with facts or statistics. They are just my opinions.

Don't make east side owners pay for past mistakes

As a former mayor, former town councillor, former resident, former property owner, former business person and former president of the Chamber of Commerce in the Town of Sundre, I feel compelled to address the issues of the east-side servicing.

Election a test of Harper's battle armour

By all accounts it wasn’t a very good week for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his minority Conservatives.