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Creating a smoke-free generation in Alberta

After helping to "but out" a billion cigarettes over the past three years – enough cigarettes to circle the world twice if placed end to end – the provincial government was a worthy recipient of the recent Tobacco Reduction Achievement Award.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Lynne Mulder questions regarding the new facility for the SPCA and its benefit to the community. "I think it's made an enormous difference," said Mulder.


This week Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked former Councillor Vesna Higham questions regarding the upcoming election and why there doesn't seem to be much interest in it so far. "The tighter economy's likely a factor.
Boyden family had adventurous pioneer spirit

Boyden family had adventurous pioneer spirit

Central Alberta is one of the finest agricultural heartlands in the entire world. This wonderful distinction is based in a large part in the hard work and commitment to the community of our early pioneers.

Trouble with troubling stories

I have been pondering the implications of two recent articles – 'Home away from home' (Aug. 11) and 'Justice is not being served?' (Aug. 4). In the first article, our two MLAs are shown while touring the new seniors' facility which is very nice.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett has asked Councillor Buck Buchanan questions regarding the new ambassador program for the City's downtown. "They are virtually a Walmart greeter in the City's downtown," said Buchanan.

Small change in new space makes big impact

With all the water and destruction in our basement we have barely had time to enjoy being outside this summer so my husband finally said 'that's it' and got to work on our new fire pit area.

'Sleepsex' a good thing for morning blues?

"Do you know what I dreamed about last night?" is a remark often heard over breakfast. The dream may be a remembrance of a past trip, or a vision of a long-departed friend.

Argument for elected senators representing Albertans in Ottawa

As Alberta's three remaining senators-elect, we want to state publicly our belief that the Alberta government should hold a new Senate election with the province-wide municipal elections this fall.


This week, Express reporter Erin Fawcett asked Councillor Larry Pimm questions regarding his Notice of Motion to give low income seniors in Red Deer a tax break.