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Water safety should be everyone's business

The upcoming Victoria Day long weekend is traditionally a time when families start heading for local lakes and rivers to get in some much needed recreation after the long winter months.

Targeting youth iswrong and unjust

Citizens who walk or drive eastbound on 49 Street to 50 Avenue will surely notice the graffiti inscription on the east wall of the library that asks the question, "So what exactly is the curfew for?" We are not sure if the graffiti's author was wonde

A furiously bad film

Fast Five: one and a half stars Rated: PG-13 for violence, language and mature subject matter If I’m being honest, I have only ever seen the first Fast and the Furious movie in its entirety.

Glad I got to know you Innisfail

This is it for me. I’m out of here. I’m moving on. But what a nice time I had. And to think there was a time I thought I would never ever allow myself to be smitten by Innisfail. Well, consider me smitten. Honestly.

Questioning levels of power on municipal councils

When we had the last election for city council no one said that Innisfail was a hotbed of municipal crime.

Federal government should work on deficit reduction

Now that the federal election is over, it’s time for the Canadian government to act on reducing the deficit, working towards a balanced budget and eventually paying off the debt.

Harper's majorityis a unity recipe

Canada is a different country today. There is a new order. Canadians have stability. Perhaps not cast in iron for the long term but it is there for a bold new moment at least. At last on the federal level we have a majority government.

Majority power comes with risks

With his party's overwhelming election victory last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has every right to celebrate and savour his political triumph over his longtime rivals.

Like it or not cats rule spring

A friend of mine, who is a feline fanatic, once said of cats, “Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.

New editor arriveswith full Timmie's

Innisfail, you had me at "Tim Hortons.