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Teachers heart of education system

Education plays a huge role in our society and we all know how important teachers are to our education system. In Alberta, we are fortunate to have one of the best education systems in the world and also some of the best teachers.

Dreaming big with Will and Kate

With election fever over it is time to turn a page on our enthusiasms for all things Canadian.

No excuses for Penhold flooding

What? Another town built upon a flood plain? For thousands of years Waskasoo Creek and it's flood plain have periodically flooded when conditions were right.

Foundation grateful for support

On behalf of all the students, staff and parents at Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS), the Education Foundation wishes to thank all those supported our 1st Birthday Party on April 19.

Election campaign plays out as predicted

With the 2011 federal election coming to a close on May 2, Canadians can't perhaps be faulted for looking back on this the fourth national campaign in seven years with a sense of dissatisfaction and disillusionment.

Big business will dictate a Tory government

Anyone who had taken the trouble to attend the recent election forum in Red Deer would have been rewarded by a debate that was a microcosm of the political parties.

Voters are facing a dilema in how to vote

Re.: The Electoral Dilemma A friend of mine indicated that he would like to vote for a certain candidate if he only ran for another party. This demonstrates the dilemma the voting public is faced with, to either vote for a party or a candidate.

Rising flood tides bring fear and fury

There is an unsettling appearance of confusion between senior Penhold officials on whether the town has a plan to deal with its annual flood problem.

Scream 4 is horror film that screams good taste

Scream 4: three stars Rated: R for violence, language and mature subject matter The great thing about the Scream films is that the characters have watched horror movies.

Important school story was in wrong newspaper

How often does anyone from Innisfail read the Mountain View Gazette? In our house it goes straight to the recycle bin and we only read what is in the Province, hoping that all the news pertaining to the citizens of Innisfail is in it.