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Nutrition – 2022 Food Trends for the Active Aging Population

There is a surprising amount of information available regarding what aging populations are eating, how they get their food and when they prefer to eat it. One thing that seems clear is that as we age, we stick to what is familiar.
1-3 Active Aging Nutrition Food Trends
Nutrition – 2022 Food Trends for the Active Aging Population

If you were from a steak and potatoes generation, you are likely to continue to gravitate toward this style of traditional food as you age. Bear in mind, however, that “traditional” is a relative term when it comes to food. Traditional dishes will depend on your culture, country, and generation.

Making healthy choices

Making healthy food choices is just as important as you age, as it is in your prime. A well balanced, healthy diet that has variety will ensure that your body continues to function as desired. Aging puts pressure on our bodily functions, and many things act up. You may develop an intolerance to dairy or may find yourself struggling with constipation more frequently as you age.

A balanced diet will help you get all the vitamins and minerals you need, on top of fibre and antioxidants. If you find yourself leaning toward the same foods time and time again or begin finding that you are having a difficult time digesting the foods you normally eat, it may be time to switch things up. Too much red meat, spicy food or foods high in acids may begin to take their toll on your gut as you age.


Water is always a smart choice. Although we get water from many of our foods and non-water beverages, it is important that you make time in your day to consume actual water. Unless you are already consuming water with intention each day, you may not realize how little you are getting. Many of us begin our day with coffee and finish it with tea or maybe even wine and beer.

We consume fruit juice or an energy drink, but what we aren’t doing is drinking a glass of water often enough. It is important for seniors to be aware of how hydrated they are and to actively maintain that by intentionally choosing to drink plain water. Our eyes, skin and kidneys depend on adequate water intake.


There is a big movement toward sustainable food, which often is centred around buying locally and using farmers markets. You can still choose to buy local at the grocery store, and you don’t need to buy hydroponic lettuce to do your part. Supporting local farmers is a great way to ensure you are getting the freshest ingredients and it allows you to shop seasonally. Seasonal shopping (buying what’s in season in your country when it’s in season) is a natural way to rotate the types of food you are eating throughout the year.

Having access to every fruit and vegetable in existence all the time can make it difficult to choose what to buy, but it also takes away some of the excitement and appreciation we have for food. Consider shopping seasonally to shake up your menu choices and inspire recipes.

Whether you are aging actively or not, there are many things to consider about your diet and food preferences as you age. Whole, nutritional foods become more important as we age. Making good meal choices and healthy snack choices will prolong your health and reduce the stress on your bodily functions. We are already living longer, so let’s focus on living better!

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