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Experience the Red Lodge Rope Course

It is crucial to stay active with new experiences, and Red Lodge offers a Rope Course that many people enjoy. Here are some of the key things to know about Red Lodge and their rope course.
7-1 Rope course
Rope climbing in the forest is a great way to stay fit and have fun while enjoying the great outdoors.

It is crucial to stay active and enjoy new experiences in order to lead a fulfilling, healthy life. Especially with more people working at home several days a week, it is pertinent for individuals to make time for physical activity. One exciting new option at Red Lodges is the Ropes Course. Here are some of the key pieces of information to consider.

What is Red Lodge?

Red Lodge is a family-run ropes course that was founded in 2004. They are ACCT certified as Challenge Course Practitioners, which ensures they comply with safety regulations. In terms of company values, Red Lodge places their emphasis on both having fun and forming meaningful interpersonal connections.

What is the Rope Course?

The Rope Course at Red Lodge is a course of high ropes that participants have a chance to navigate outdoors and offers a variety of team-building options for corporate and sports organizations.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to comply with safety standards, Red Lodge has some eligibility requirements. All participants must be 14 years or older and have a mandatory 6 ft arms reach in order to properly access the course. Additionally, events require at least six guests in order to secure the desired slot. Individuals with disability concerns should contact Red Lodge staff for inquiries on their eligibility or any possible accommodations.

Booking Options

Interested parties have online booking options for the Red Lodge High Ropes Course. A three-hour experience will cost roughly $80 per individual to book, and this can be done through a form on the website. Those who wish to inquire further about booking options can fill out an email form on the contact page. It is advisable to book well in advance when possible, as limited dates are available for the summer.


Red Lodge is located at the Red Lodge Guest Ranch, 11 km west of Bowden, Alberta. It is situated in between Calgary and Red Deer, taking about 45 minutes for those commuting from Calgary and a half an hour for those in Red Deer. The location is scenic and surrounded by the natural environment, with much of the course taking place in tree-filled surroundings.

Overall, the Ropes Course is a new method of physical activity that many participants have found invigorating and motivating. For those that find gym-based exercise draining, innovative and nature-based opportunities like those at Red Lodge have particular appeal. Those who are eligible can find additional information and book on the Red Lodge website.

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