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Old explosives still dangerous: RCMP

MVT explosives
This summer museum staff called RCMP after locating railway torpedoes in one of their displays. A total of seven torpedoes were removed and disposed of safely. Photo courtesy of Alberta RCMP

This holiday season, the RCMP encouraged Albertans to talk with their family members about what might be stored in the barn, the bins out back or the basement.

You might be surprised by what you’ll find, according to the Alberta RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU).

Every year, the unit recovers a substantial amount of unused commercial explosives from rural properties.

Historic rules gave Albertans easy access to commercial explosives and, as a result, RCMP say there is a large quantity of explosives that remain forgotten in rural Alberta.

“Please remember that no matter how old an explosive is, it is still extremely dangerous,” said Cp. Paul Zanon in a press release. “We want Albertans to be safe and the safest thing to do is to call us.”

In November, RCMP EDU attended and disposed of 154 sticks of dynamite, approximately 50 electric detonators and a full roll of B-Line detonating cord at a rural property. The owner of these explosives and detonators retired from the construction industry and subsequently passed away, said police.

Anyone who finds explosives or detonators should contact their local police immediately, cautioned police. Citizens are reminded not to move or touch explosives.

Photos of the item or items and approximate age is helpful, police say.

RCMP EDU is trained to safely dispose of explosives and detonators and there is no cost to the public for this service.