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Letter: Setting the record straight

To address the vote split concern, it is not an issue in Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre constituency, says letter writer

Re: Letter: Splitting of the conservative vote?

Allow me to set the record straight. The writer’s rhetorical question in the Albertan actually does need to be answered in an unassuming manner. “What is meant by Take Back Alberta?” she asked.

The answer is contrary to what certain political scientists and members of the press will tell you. Take Back Alberta is simply a group of citizens committed to holding our politicians accountable. And here is why. Even though (Jason) Kenney’s UPC were preferred over (Rachel) Notley’s NDP, there needed to be a ‘change of the guard’. 

Take Back Alberta did indeed facilitate that. However, it didn’t happen without incident. Tim Hoven, in his bid to become the UCP candidate in the Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre constituency was denied candidacy by the party based on false claims that he was a racist. This was underhanded and pure rubbish. I can bear witness that Tim Hoven is not that way at all.

Furthermore, he is an excellent example of a grassroots, God-fearing Albertan and would never resort to playing dirty pool just for political gain. I implore voters in your constituency to consider your choice without contempt prior to investigation.

To address the vote split concern, it is not an issue in your riding, unlike in Calgary. Currently the UCP is at 70 per cent support while the NDP is at 18 per cent support. Even when the UCP support is split in half to 35 per cent each, the NDP will still be a distant third at 18 per cent.

Kelly D. Jobs,