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Thief-proof your garage along with your home: Olds RCMP

Many thieves see garages as less risky places to break into
mvt S Sgt. Jim Macdonald-2
Staff Sgt. Jim MacDonald, the Olds RCMP commanding officer, advises residents to lock up their garages as securely as their homes to deter break-ins and theft. File photo/MVP Staff

OLDS — Don’t just make sure your home is thief-proof, if you have a garage, do the same with it.

That’s the advice from Staff Sgt. Jim MacDonald, the commanding officer of Olds RCMP.

MacDonald says much of the crime that occurs in the area is committed by people who are addicted to drugs. They often steal property in order to sell it and use that money to buy drugs or pay off debts to drug dealers.

“Detached garages are often targets for break-and-enters, as they often back onto alleys and thieves may feel they are less likely to be noticed,” MacDonald wrote in an email.

“Garages also contain the types of property that can be more easily stolen, then sold online or pawned, such as bicycles and power tools.”

As always, MacDonald says the best way to deter that crime is to lock up your home and garage as well as install good exterior lighting and alarm systems.

Good old-fashioned neighbourliness also helps.

“It's also helpful to have a good relationship with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other's properties and to report any suspicious activity,” he wrote.