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Olds council ratifies suspension of green bin pickup starting in January

The umber of three-yard compost bins will be cut from 100 to 40 and placed at locations in Olds that have not yet been determined
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File photo/MVP Staff

OLDS — Town council has ratified changes to the municipality's bin pickup system, which become effective in January 2023.

Council made that decision during its Nov. 14 council meeting. The changes were first proposed during council’s October policies and priorities meeting. 

As a result of the changes, green bin pick-up will not occur between about Nov. 1 and April 30. Also, the number of three-yard compost bins will be cut from 100 to 40 and placed at locations that had not yet been determined as of Nov. 14. 

Administrative staff are also recommending that the town finalize a one-year solid waste collection with its current contractor, Waste Connections. 

“For a longer-term contract, given the current economic environment, rising recycling costs, and uncertainty around the Mountain View Regional Waste Commission’s continued management of the bulk recycling locations, 2023 requires additional conversations on our overall waste management program,” a request for decision (RFD) from staff said. 

Chief administrative officer Brent Williams said the precise dates that green bins won’t be picked up remains “fluid” depending on what the weather’s like next November and April. 

Mayor Judy Dahl liked the idea keeping those dates flexible. 

Coun. Darren Wilson asked what will happen to blue and black bin pickup in light of the above changes. 

Williams said for now, there are no changes to the collection of those bins.