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Mountain View County council approves conduct of council meeting changes

Key legislation changing in Mountain View County governs the conduct of council meetings

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - County council has approved a number of amendments to Bylaw No. 21/23 Procedure and Conduct of Council Meetings, including regarding the adding of emergent items to the agenda if deemed by council to require immediate attention.

The move came by way of third reading at the Aug. 23 regularly scheduled council meeting, held in person and online.

Key legislation governing the conduct of council meetings, the bylaw sets out rules for meetings of council, conduct of those meetings, delegations, agendas, orders of business, public hearings, and other items.

The updated agenda and order of business Section 5.04 now reads: “A revised agenda may be developed containing either items that are emergent and require immediate attention by council, or items with supporting materials that provide additional information for an existing item.” 

Section 5.10 (3) now reads, in part: “The reeve or presiding official shall have the flexibility to determine the speaking order with a focus on ensuring that all councillors that wish to speak to an item are given an opportunity to do so and that equitable time allocation are granted to each speaker.”

Regarding appeal provisions, amendments are now permitted for any councillor to raise an appeal to a decision of the presiding officer requiring a decision from council as a whole.

Regarding notices of motion, the amendments now permit for any councillor to raise a notice of motion for an item they intend to discuss at a future meeting. This can be done in accordance with the agenda item submission timelines contemplated in the bylaw or during the council reports section of the agenda.

Regarding business arising from the minutes, items will now be placed under the old business section of the order of business.

Section 9 now states, in part: “The reeve, or other presiding officers, has been delegated authority to make necessary rulings on procedural matters. These rulings may be questioned by the remainder of council by a councillor raising an appeal, followed by a vote of the member to render a decision on the ruling.”

All council members were in attendance at the Aug. 23 council meeting.

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