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Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses: Outstanding Products, Service, Knowledge & Advice

SPONSORED CONTENT – Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses, winner of Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association Grower of the Year (2023), is helmed by a fourth generation proud Alberta pioneer family that arrived in Lacombe from South Dakota on September 4, 1900.


Are you looking for locally grown bedding plants, hanging baskets, and planters? Are you a community group looking for fundraising baskets? How about a property owner in need of custom or commercial plantings? The solution is right here at Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses where superior products meet outstanding service, knowledge, and advice. Who are we? Read on to learn more!

Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses, winner of Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association Grower of the Year (2023), is helmed by a fourth generation proud Alberta pioneer family that arrived in Lacombe from South Dakota on September 4, 1900. Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses holds true to the old-fashioned values that have guided us for 123 years – hard work, fairness, and integrity. We strive to deliver knowledge, experience, and excellence in customer service and products. We are proud to be known by those we serve as honest and fair.

Agriculture is what we know, and it is what we do. Our philosophy is to do what we do best and stick to it, and it’s an approach that has worked for us well for more than a century. The crops and the technology have evolved and changed, but it is all agriculture. 

Carolyn and Wayne Lohr, with the capable assistance and input of Valerie Miller and Marilyn Michels, have established themselves as the premier source of quality hanging baskets, planters, and bedding plants as well as the source of high-quality customer service and plant knowledge. Carolyn and Valerie are 1978 University of Alberta Faculty of Agriculture Plant Science Horticulture majors with many years of directly related experience. Wayne Lohr is a University of Alberta 1977 BSc Agriculture and 1989 MSc Agricultural Economics graduate with many years of professional agriculture experience.

Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses grows a diverse selection of bedding plant favorites as well as those hard-to-find and unique flowers, vegetables, and herbs in a broad selection of paks, pots, hanging baskets, and planters. Whatever the weather outside, it is always 18 degrees Celsius or higher and dry in the climate-controlled greenhouses. The plants are always in their ideal environment while being professionally cared for. Maintaining clean and appealing facilities is paramount. Our plant stock and seedlings come from established suppliers with a history of high-quality disease and pest-free stock. We are proud to be a true local producer. Our production is sold directly from the greenhouses to the local end-user consumer.

Being community minded and eco-friendly, we employ several local individuals including local high school students and green certificate students to provide them with practical work experience. Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses has moved to total on-farm electricity generation and heat recovery for use in the greenhouses and other farm buildings with the incorporation of co-generation and solar panel combined systems, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. We also use beneficial insects to control aphids and other insect pests throughout the greenhouses. Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses are truly “green” houses!

Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses have become well known for their summer production of high-quality greenhouse grown pickling cucumbers, peppers, and fresh tomatoes. The greenhouses will soon be filling up for the 2024 season and several new varieties and colors are being offered this year. The Greenhouses will open April 27, and will be open 9 am to 8 pm daily including Sundays and holidays during May and June.

This year will mark our 10th year of operation in our current location west of Olds, and the 30th year of operations for Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses since its inception in 1982 at Stettler. Yet, our number one objective remains the same – to provide the highest quality product and customer service possible with familiar staff to serve you every year.

Whether you are a seasoned grower or just getting started, we have the plants, advice, and customer service you need. Visit us today and learn more online at (,  or on Facebook.

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