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Didsbury MPC public members will now be paid

Municipal planning commission public members compensated at an hourly rate of $38.73 to a maximum per day rate of $265

DIDSBURY - Public members on the town’s municipal planning commission (MPC) approving authority will now receive regular compensation after councillors approved a new remuneration policy at the recent regularly scheduled council meeting. 

“Council members who are appointed to the MPC are compensated as per council remuneration policy Coun. 004-22,” chief administrative officer Ethan Gorner said in a briefing note to council. “The public members are not compensated. 

“As there is much preparation and additional training required for MCP members, administration is recommending that members attending MPC meetings qualify for hourly per diem remuneration of commission meetings as specified in the council remuneration policy.”

The commission is established by bylaw to serve the town development authority to review and approve development permit applications. It is comprised of five public members appointed by council for two-year terms and two town councillors.

Members will now be compensated at an hourly rate of $38.73 to a maximum per day rate of $265.

“It’s a pretty big responsibility and you really need to do your homework and you are expected to take some training,” mayor Rhonda Hunter told the Albertan.

“It is a big undertaking to make sure things are weighed and assessed properly so the right outcome can come to the developer.”

MPC meetings are held, when required, every second Wednesday.

All council members attended the Nov. 28 council meeting, held in person and online.


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