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Why Purple Kush Creates the Perfect Nighttime High

Purple Kush has been a classic indica strain for decades. Its powerful and relaxing euphoria is what kept it popular over all that time. The strain that started in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan has grown into a worldwide favourite.
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Purple Kush is the quintessential indica and a strain that's well-known for its relaxing effects. You’ll be entranced by its vibrant purple colour and earthy aroma. It offers an intense body high to end a tough day and a way to reach the pinnacle of relaxation while outdoors.

This strain is a not-so-distant relative to the Kush family, giving it strong genetic roots and making it one of the most potent indicas around. It’s perfect for pain relief, sleep problems, or simply zoning out.

Down below, we’ll break down the allure of Purple Kush and cover tips for growing it on your own and the various medical benefits it offers.

Pashtun Roots

Oakland, California breeders initially created Purple Kush by crossing Hindu Kush with Afghani Purple. With two indica parents, this strain is an indica to the core, creating a euphoria that quickly calms the mind and relaxes the body.

The genetics from Hindu Kush broaden its roots into South Asia—more specifically, along the Hindu Kush mountains that extend 500 miles from Afghanistan to Pakistan. This qualifies Purple Kush as a true descendant of the Kush landrace strain.
This strain’s vibrant purple colour comes from being bred from Purple Afghani. The colour is triggered when it feels a temperature drop, similar to when leaves change in autumn.

Anthocyanin causes the plant’s purple pigment, which is commonly found in other popular plants. Anthocyanin’s presence also gives fruits like blueberries and pomegranates their signature colour.

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Growing Conditions

Since Kush adapted from the rigid conditions of its native land, it can produce a dense, protective lining of crystal trichomes, making it a preferred strain for producing concentrates.

If you’re growing Purple Kush outdoors, then you may need to spend extra time in cultivation. It grows very similar to other indicas, as a short and bushy plant. Paying attention to moisture levels is vital to keep your plant healthy.

Leafly suggests feeding this plant heavily throughout vegging and flowering to maximize the plant’s potential.

Growing this plant indoors isn’t difficult. Expect flowering at 7-8 weeks, a lot faster than most other strains. Purple Kush flourishes in cool to moderate temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should set your trellis for the plant’s maximum height of 3 feet. Though it’s short, it will be stout. WayofLeaf estimates that a yield should provide you with about 14 ounces of bud per square meter planted.

As it grows, you’ll see the bright orange pistils on its flowers and eventually an eye-popping arrangement of colours, especially as the red and purple hues start coming in.

Medical Benefits

As one of the oldest medical strains to come out of Oakland, this strain is incredibly effective at providing peace of the body and mind.

People report using it to alleviate several health issues. For example, those who struggle with falling asleep have reported that its calming nature provides a distinct remedy to insomnia.  Plus, Herb reports that this indica has a body-numbing sensation perfect for chronic pain, muscle tension, or muscle spasms.

As a potent indica, don’t expect this strain to give you an energy boost. You should pair this bud with tasks that require little attention. You’ll notice that as you gradually come down from the euphoria, so will your eyelids.

Purple Kush is the indica of choice for smokers, new and old. It will ease you into a state of bliss rather than stimulate overactive thoughts. Enjoy the calming effects at nighttime with your favourite music, video game, or leisure activity.

From those rigid conditions to a worldwide audience, Purple Kush continues to captivate cannabis smokers. Its draw may come from its ability to turn down the noise or finally get a good night's rest. Whatever the reason, it offers an alternative to stimulating sativas, giving you a chance to slow down.

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