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Bhang THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate: Pouring the THC Experience into Every Delicious Bite

If you think enjoying the effects of cannabis is only for your groovy relative, think again. As an increasingly credible natural remedy over synthetic pharmaceuticals to endless ailments from anxiety to pain, edible cannabis has become an acceptable and popular indulgence – and it’s not just baked into bland brownies by your stoned aunt.
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Today’s experts have mastered the art of creating recipes that pour the benefits of cannabis into delectable treats. They have something for everyone.

If you’re newer to enjoying edible cannabis, it’s probably a good idea to know what effect you’re looking for while understanding the difference between the THC and CBD derived from cannabis. When you’re looking for a buzz or high, it’s THC-infused treats you’ll turn to since it holds the psychoactive properties within the plant. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive, so it’s a good option to relieve pain and other symptoms of discomfort.

Today, we’re looking at those times you’re looking to let loose a little, chill out alone, or up the vibe with good friends. Why not combine the indulgent deliciousness of chocolate and the glowing vibe of THC? May we suggest Bhang’s THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate? In fact, that’s three ingredients and experiences to get excited about: creamy white chocolate, crunchy cookie crumble, and a little (10mg per bar) dose of dreamy THC.  

Founded by a master chocolatier, Bhang pours their passion for chocolate into every bite while they’ve perfected the art of complementing it with the benefits cannabis has to offer. Uncompromising in their delivery of high-quality product, Bhang adds a little something special to the cannabis experience. Rest assured, a delectable, delicious taste is top priority as Bhang continues to create new and exciting ways to elevate the cannabis-infused chocolate market with each and every bar.

Now, back to that THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate. Each decadent tasting bar is divided into four squares so you can easily achieve the right effect of the THC and/or share with others according to tolerance levels. Fans rave about the relaxed body feel and tranquility in state of mind that sets the stage for an easy and peaceful solitude after a long day or sharing with your favourite people at a chill get-together. Elevate your cannabis experience with Bhang’s high-quality edibles that aim to enhance experience while delighting the palate.

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