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Best Wake and Bake Recipes for a Lazy Saturday Morning

If you don’t have anywhere you have to be and want a chill way to start your day, these are the best wake and bake recipes for a lazy Saturday morning.
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If you don’t have anywhere you have to be and want a chill way to start your day, a #wakeandbake Saturday is the way to go. The key to any satisfying wake and bake is a great breakfast to keep you relaxed and satisfied. We’ve put together a list of some of the best wake and bake recipes for a lazy weekend morning - you just have to decide whether you’re going to cook yours the morning of or make it ahead, so all you have to do is grab a plate!

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Cannabis-Infused Waffles

If you want to go the edible route, these Cannabis-infused waffles are a delicious breakfast option! With a recipe direct from, these waffles call for 2 teaspoons of melted cannabinoid-infused coconut oil. Plus, they’re gluten-free, paleo, and super filling, thanks to the almond and tapioca flour they use as a base. A couple of tablespoons of flax meal adds extra vitamins, nutrients, and omega-3s. But they’re not just healthy food - these waffles crisp perfectly in your waffle maker and taste amazing with pure maple syrup!

Sweet Potato and Egg Skillet

Another edible, this yummy recipe combines cubed sweet potato, fresh veggies, eggs, and cumin for a hearty skillet that feeds 2-4 people. Sauté your veggies in some delicious Cannabis-infused oil (while your sweet potatoes are roasting), cook the eggs to your liking, and add cheese! You’ll love digging into the savory and lightly sweet mixture.

Avocado Toasts

Own your inner millennial and dish up some avocado toast for your wake and bake morning. This recipe takes only ten minutes to prepare, and most of the ingredients you already have in your cupboard. Mash the avocado and season with salt and pepper, then prepare your toasts. It’s the fresh garlic, and a light brushing of oil on the bread that makes these avocado toasts worth craving!

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Decadent Breakfast Sausage Casserole

This recipe owns up to its name with two cans of evaporated milk mixed in with the classic breakfast casserole ingredients of sausage, egg, bread, and cheese. Combine all the ingredients the night before, refrigerate, and pop in the oven the next morning for about an hour. So easy! It makes enough to feed any friends who may have stayed the night or to freeze leftovers to enjoy during the week.

Dulce de Leche Banana Bread

If you love a sweet start to your mornings, Dulce de Leche (a type of caramel) makes this banana bread recipe even sweeter. It’s also studded with chocolate chips and walnuts and topped with a drizzle of espresso icing - basically a party for your wake and bake tastebuds. And you can make it ahead of time and cut yourself a slice whenever the munchies strike.

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burrito

Everybody loves a breakfast burrito with warm, filling eggs and meat and gooey cheese. This recipe wraps into a great handheld variety that you can make ahead (up to one month!) and freeze. The base recipe calls for eggs, ham, mushrooms, tomato, and sour cream, but you can swap the ham with chorizo for spice or black beans for a meatless option.

Nutella-Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

We’ll be honest, there were many Nutella breakfast contenders, but this one just hits the spot. These muffins are like coffee cake hugging a melty, surprise Nutella center. And the tops are covered in a crisp layer of cinnamon sugar! They’re a wake and bake treat that pays homage to every stoner’s favorite snack and satisfies even the strongest munchies.

These recipes should hit the spot for whatever mood your wake and bake morning wants to take!

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