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Integrity Group of Companies

Integrity Group of Companies includes Integrity RV (Olds) Ltd., Integrity Ford Ltd. in Carstairs, and Integrity Wireless.
Integrity Ford Main

Integrity Group of Companies includes Integrity RV (Olds) Ltd., Integrity Ford Ltd. in Carstairs, and Integrity Wireless, a BELL FRANCHISE that operates out of Integrity RV. Dan Wiebe founded Integrity Group with a vision for ethical businesses that make a difference in the lives of employees, customers, and communities.

“Our group started with a vision from many years ago, but in the last five years that vision has become a reality starting with Kootenay Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Trail, BC in 2016,” says Dan. “We then purchased Olds RV and changed it to Integrity RV in 2017; and most recently Integrity Subaru in Trail, BC and Integrity Ford in Carstairs, AB in 2019.”

Integrity RV

Dan has been involved in the automotive business for most of his life.

“I started as a parts person in my late teens and really enjoyed it,” he says. “I set a goal to become a car dealer someday and with time, my dream expanded into having more than one dealership.

“I moved to Olds to become the General Manager of Olds Dodge in 2006, and in late 2009 I became a 25 per cent shareholder. After seven and a half years of being a General Manager and minor partner, I sold my shares and started to look for other opportunities. This was difficult, because I loved the staff, customers and business we had worked hard to build.”

The risk paid off for Dan, who now enjoys ownership of his own dealerships.

“What sets us apart is the quality of our staff,” he adds. We have approximately 65 employees. Each employee is highly valued, signs a code of ethics, and is trained in how we do business.”

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Along with the success of Integrity Group comes the challenges that all entrepreneurs face.

“The challenges are always ongoing, to keep focus on employees and customers to make them happy,” admits Dan. “If we have happy employees, they will be a lot more likely to make our customers happy! We work hard at having a family atmosphere with our employees. We care about them and fairly reward them for their hard work. We also try to analyze our processes to help our customers experience great service.”

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For every challenge, however, there are rewards.

“The most rewarding part for me is when employees say they have never had a better employer to work for, and when customers say they have never been taken care as well as what we have.”

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Dan reveals something surprising about himself, saying, “I think most people are surprised that I, the President of the company, do not have a high school diploma. I am not proud of it, but it helps me to encourage others who may not have a high level of education. If you work hard and treat people well, you can also succeed.

Integrity Group is active in the non-profit community locally and abroad, robustly supporting Home of Hope in developing countries and charitable organizations and local sports teams in the cities in which Integrity operates.

Dan concludes, “Our goals have always been to build a group of high performing businesses that stand out from our competitors, and we don’t have a cap on this vision. I want to see my staff have an opportunity to better themselves by having a chance to develop their skills, whether it is a receptionist who becomes a sales person or a sales person who becomes a manager or sales manager who becomes a general manager or a general manager who becomes one of my business partners in the future. The sky is the limit and people are key!

“I am often overwhelmed with gratitude with the trust people put into us. It is such a privilege and we don’t take it for granted.”

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