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So much for our tax dollars in 'brilliant' road painting move

Why would municipality freshly paint lines on road and then tear up the street, questions letter writer

Last fall (2022) I called Didsbury public works to request that angle parking lines be repainted on Princess Petra Avenue. 

I was told that they had run out of paint for this year, and would have to wait till next year (2023) to have them painted.

Since I've been waiting since 2016 for the line paint six more months wouldn't hurt. 

This spring 2023 on one of my walks, I noticed line painters, painting parking lines, crosswalk lines on 20th Street . Good, I thought, Princess Petra Avenue will be done shortly. 

I called public works and was told Princess Petra Avenue was on the list. 

On my walk, end of June/beginning of July, lo and behold 20th Street with all the newly painted lines, was all torn up and all the new paint and asphalt was gone to the landfill. 

I again called public works and asked why they would freshly paint all those lines and then tear them up. The reply was they did not know of the contract to repave 20th Street. 

Wow, they did not know of a major contract like that. So much for our tax dollars. And the wasted paint would have repainted the angle parking line on Princess Petra Avenue 10 times over. Their brilliance is just amazing.

Gerald Fincaryk,


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