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Letter: Where our real issues start is with Ottawa

We, here in Canada, need to start looking east first to solve our problems, says reader

For those folks who blame the UCP for all our problems, have you ever thought of where our real issues start? 

We, here in Canada, need to start looking east first. If you feel our health care, schools and housing are issues, well look no further than Ottawa and Justin Trudeau. 

Hang on, as by the end of 2024 he is going to bring in another 850,000 more people from other countries. So for those of us who have no doctors it is only getting worse. 

And then there is the crime rate. All our resources hospitals, school, housing and police cannot keep up with Ottawa’s crap. 

Those who think the NDP can do better, you better hang on as they are a union party and unions cost money. 

Ellen Brand,


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