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Letter: There needs to be policies in place to prevent ruining children’s adult lives

Gender associated health care didn't even exist until 1980, says reader

Re: Commentary: Dialogue must remain open

The bottom line has to be what is actually best for protection of the children from irreparable harm such as inappropriate genital changing surgeries or hormonal manipulation such as with puberty blockers, before they reach sexual maturity. 

The problem I see is whose dialogue can be trusted. How are we assured of no underlying vested interests like physicians who have a significant portion of their income from hormonal or surgical manipulation of confused sexually immature children or the trans and their allies who want self-recognition and new members in their groups?

Gender associated health care didn't even exist until 1980. Amazing how all us children managed OK before then. Likely in part because we weren't bombarded with social media spouting gender-related issues. 

The John/Joan case is an example of a genital surgery on a child gone wrong that ruined a man's life and finally drove him to suicide. And there are several other cases which ruined children’s adult lives. 

That must be prevented and there needs to be policies in place to support such. 

Hormonally-unbalanced, confused children are very susceptible to misleading information even if it comes from their parents or teachers and must be protected. 

So we need to be assured that the so-called experts in the field are really non-biased experts with what is really in the best interest for a child's long-term future and not just providing a short term quick fix for a confused, troubled, hormonally-unbalanced child. 

There's a bigger picture to be considered than just the apparent need for binary pronouns and children's choices about using them with or without parents knowledge  or consent and that needs in depth consideration.

Darrel Florence,


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