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Letter: Premier not listening to Albertans

I do believe that our premier has plans to remake Alberta into “North Texas," says letter writer

Danielle Smith is not listening, just like she has not been listening to those folks who oppose the creation of an Alberta pension plan to replace CPP or to those who oppose the creation of a provincial police force to replace the RCMP.

I do believe that our premier has plans to remake Alberta into “North Texas”. She has been “watering-down” our health-care system so she can implement private health care,  she has been weakening support for public schools with more support for private schools, she has been weakening environmental regulations using backroom deals with the energy companies, and she now proposing to weaken ethic regulations regarding donations made to Alberta politicians. 

She and some of her colleagues also associated with “Freedom Convoy” folks and with folks who openly challenged the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. 

All these actions makes Alberta look more like Texas (a red state) to me.

George Thatcher,


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