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Letter: Olds squash court decision very disappointing

Letter writer is a part of a couple groups that utilize the courts regularly at the Community Learning Campus

Re: Squash players upset about Olds court's possible demise

I have heard about the decision to repurpose the squash courts at the Community Learning Campus (CLC) and it is very disappointing to say the least. Being that this is the only court of its kind available to Olds and area residents it is very disheartening to see it being removed. 

With it being such a small space, there will not be too much gained and the loss of the courts will result in the loss of squash all together for this area. 

I can say as a group, we are more than open to having the courts as a shared space and have no issue with the courts being utilized as a stretching space when they are not rented for squash, which according to the CLC stats is a fair amount of time.

I am a part of a couple groups that utilize the courts regularly as both a form of competitive sport as well and more importantly as a form of fitness. 

I can only speak for myself but I just purchased a membership in the last couple months solely to utilize the squash courts. I would say on average, I am in there two or three times a week playing and it has become an enjoyable part of my fitness routine, a routine that many of the players within our groups rely on in maintaining their fitness.

We have made attempts to have conversations about keeping the space and can only hope moving forward that our voices are heard and the squash demographic in our area isn’t completely wiped out.

Mitch Price,


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