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Letter: Myrl Goddard will be missed for his wisdom, storytelling

Proud citizen of Olds gave unconditional community service

Mr. Myrl Goddard (who passed away May 14) was a very proud citizen of the place we all call home and he wanted only the best for the town of Olds.  

Often Myrl would ask ‘Why are they doing this?’ ‘What for?’ and his final comment would close with ‘It better be for the right reason.’ I genuinely respected that about him.

His passion and enjoyment for antique cars was obvious when Show & Tell season came upon us.  

Mr. Grizz, as he was well-known, was driven to volunteer copious hours annually to support Olds Grizzly’s AJHL hockey team and wanted them to succeed, but more important to him, was that they stay in Olds. 

We would receive an annual visit from Myrl, he would drop off books of Grizzly fundraiser tickets for us to sell.  

The social call would be on Myrl’s time, with end result being a real good education on Olds. He worked very hard to make this happen and loved to talk hockey.  

His heart-to-heart conversations always ended with how proud he was that he never “smoked, drank or swore.” 

Forever and a day, it was good to talk and learn as Myrl had insight and opinion on every topic. 

He will be missed for his community wisdom and storytelling. If you are a newcomer to Olds and never engaged in his energy, I encourage you to visit the “GODDARDVILLE” recognition plaque off Highway 27 (46th Street) sitting on the corner of 54th Avenue.

Warmly, sincerely and gratefully, this message is coming today in memory of Mr. Myrl Goddard and his unconditional community service.

Judy and Randy Dahl,


(Editor's note: Judy Dahl is a former Olds mayor)