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Letter: Innisfail voters can make their own decisions

Most of us know our mayoral candidates for everything from volunteerism to theatre productions

Re: “So you’re running for mayor of Innisfail . . . aren’t you,” page 25, May 25 Albertan.

For the past year-and-a-half, our community has been turned upside down. Our children, our seniors, our small businesses and families have suffered greatly. 

The media has been relentless is bombarding us with COVID numbers, stats, cases, deaths, etc. Wave after wave of uncertainty as new variants enter this three-ring circus. But at last, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we have hope for a normal life again. 

But instead of everyone just relaxing a bit and taking a deep breath, here comes another wave. This wave is not virus-related; it is however another area of harm to our society. 

It is a wave of articles and personal opinions published in the media for months now, criticizing one of the candidates in Innisfail’s mayoral race.

These articles; some of which are malicious and border on sensationalism, are discouraging and disheartening. 

This brings me to a letter that was published May 25, 2021.  Your words as usual were superlative and exquisite, however your message was not. 

Your letter seemed to be a condensed version of all the articles written and published about Glen Carritt. There was nothing written that we haven’t seen splashed across the pages of several newspapers over the last several months. 

Instead of enlightening the reader, you have bored us with monotonous, recapitulated portions of headlines meant to denigrate a reputation. All those carefully thought-out words that should have been used to enrich and instill positivity drew an even deeper line of division in our community; something you accused the mayoral candidate of doing. 

It is too bad that your impeccable use of the English language wasn’t used to describe the candidate you support. That would have been so much more valuable, and informative and illuminating. 

This is a small community. Most of us know our mayoral candidates for everything from volunteerism to theatre productions. I believe the citizens are quite capable of making a decision on their own in the next municipal election. 

Christa Lamboo,