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Letter: I wonder what is going on in our town of Olds

Here's hoping the people running it don't screw things up

On reading the letter summated by Joe Gustafson, I do wonder what is going on in our town.

Why did you not want to meet with the O-NET board of governors? This group developed O-NET and now we have the best TV/internet/phone provider in Canada. You can't beat their product and service. You turn it over to a corporation and it will be just a matter of time when, as usual with big corporations, there will be a cut in staff which means a cut in service. We will lose something special which only the town of Olds can boast about. Was the reason the town wanted their money now to pay for the new service building which I'm sure we could have done without until we could afford it?

With an election coming up, I know who I won't be voting for. Maybe we can get someone else to run for mayor. I was not impressed that the present mayor got in by acclamation because the former mayor dropped out as nominations closed. Convenient?

Hey Joe, why don't you and the former directors run  for mayor and council? We would then be sure that our town would again be run by the most qualified and responsible people around.

Let me, I love living in Olds. I moved here 23 years ago when I retired and have no plans to ever leave. Here's hoping the people running it don't screw things up.

Emil Paries,