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Letter: How long and loud do we have to yell about coal exploration?

Foreign company’s bid to mine the Grassy Mountain area in the headwaters of the Oldman River twice rejected

It's with shock and anger that I see the UCP government and Alberta Energy regulator undermine the 2022 Ministerial Order ban on coal exploration in the east slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  

Specifically, the acceptance of an application from an already twice-rejected foreign company’s bid to mine the Grassy Mountain area in the headwaters of the Oldman River.

It is an outrage to ignore the strongly voiced opposition by the public and the legal responsibility of the findings of the Joint Review Panel which ruled the project “is not in the public interest” and “is likely to result in significant adverse environmental effects on surface water quality.”

Considering the fact that adjacent watersheds in Elk River Valley have had selenium contamination from coal mining, now finally under review by both US and Canadian authorities; and given the reputation of the Australian mega mining corporation (Hancock Prospecting, the parent company) this proposal should not ever be remotely considered.

The multi billionaire owner of Hancock, Gina Rienhart, is a known climate change denier, adversary of environmental movements and a racist as well. 

Our coal shipped to China for her profit doesn't make sense to me. She is not the person Alberta should allow to exploit our province at the risk of poisoning a vital water resource, more so in the shadow of an impending drought. 

Another disgusting move allowed by a premier who appears to share some traits of the aforementioned. 

Would not this foreign mining company get the same preferential treatment as the oil companies who abandon wells and we taxpayers now pay for the cleanup. How long and loud do we have to yell before the government listens. I'm yelling.

Alex Baradoy,

Red Deer County 

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