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Letter: APP push an egotistic-driven greed for power

Reader argues ours is “a society where resource businesses control our government”

Re: Commentary: Pension battle a fight between bitter rivals

“Pension battle a fight between bitter rivals,” page 18, Oct. 24 Albertan

You are right on the battle over pensions, but the only one striking fear into retirees and seniors in Canada is Danielle Smith. This has nothing to do with what's best for Alberta’s seniors. 

It's simply an egotistic-driven greed for power. A struggle that if successful will give the UCP government more taxpayer's money to waste like they are doing now trying to convince Albertans that pulling out of the Canadian Pension Plan is a good idea. 

And like they did in the past with the Heritage Fund ultimately enriching or helping their oil company buddies.

And not dissimilar to what happened with the Alberta Health Services board last year, which has still not been replaced over a year later. This isn't good government; it is insanity running rampant. 

John Valiant in his book Fire Weather states it very clearly: “We think we are living in a society where government controls the resource businesses. In fact, we live in a society where resource businesses control our government.” 

It's unfortunate we have no laws that enable impeachment of the premier, because if ever there's a need for such, it's now. 

Darrel Florence,


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