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Letter: Language use questioned in recent article

Black Lives Matter is not a Marxist organization

Re: ‘He did it to himself,' says Innisfail mayor about code of conduct breaches

I have concerns that Mr. Carritt uses Trump language and Trump logic. He says he won’t be bullied by the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter (BLM). 

He also uses Trump language when he says the inquiry-probe is a “witch hunt”. Trump using those same words in his speeches.

First of all, BLM is not a Marxist organization. Many American conservatives (Republicans), believe Marxism/socialism is the same thing as communism. Anything or anyone they don’t like, they label them as socialistic/communistic. 

For example, public health care/universal health care is considered communistic. Integration of the public schools was considered communistic/socialistic. Fluoride in the drinking water was considered a communist/socialist plot. Environmental regulations are considered communist/socialist plots to prevent “free enterprise”/capitalism. 

Unfortunately, many people think BLM is just about black people. No, it’s not. It’s about the systematic oppression, persecution and harassment of black people, Indigenous peoples/Indians, women, immigrants, Jews, Irish Catholics, Mormons, Asians, Hispanics, etc over the past 400 plus years in North America. 

It’s about voter suppression through Jim Crow Laws. It’s about segregation/apartheid in schools and in communities. It’s about “sundown towns." It’s about the use of violence by “authorities” to “keep people in line”. To suppress protests. To suppress people from voting, etc. 

Remember the negative impact that Jim Keegstra had in Eckville (mayor and teacher)? Do the citizens in Innisfail want a mayor spreading QAnon conspiracy theories?

George Thatcher,