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Commentary: MPs must keep agriculture in mind

MPs forming the new Parliament should also be aware of other issues and needs facing rural communities

With Albertans and their fellow Canadians heading to the federal election polls on Sept. 20 the stakes for the province and the nation couldn’t be higher.

With many, many pressing issues facing rural and urban communities alike, the 2021 election outcome will affect the well-being of all communities, including when it comes to agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, health care and the overall economy.

And while the election outcome won't be known until Monday, the results will certainly be keenly awaited by residents in this region.

The Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), which represents 69 municipalities including Red Deer and Mountain View counties, says whichever party forms the new federal government, support for the key agriculture industry must be a priority.

“Agriculture is a vital industry in Alberta and across Canada,” says RMA president Paul McLauchlin. “It is important that we support farmers and producers during these challenging times.”

Voters in rural communities will expect every member of Parliament (MP) elected in 2021 to honestly and faithfully commit themselves to supporting ranchers and farmers during the next Parliament.

“Candidates running in this year’s election have an opportunity to show their support for farmers and producers by continuing to work together to create tools and resources that have the potential to lessen the impact of severe weather events in the future,” he said.

MPs forming the new Parliament should also be aware of other issues and needs facing rural communities, with key priority areas including rural broadband, disaster mitigation and recovery, and health care.

The 2021 federal campaign will result in the election of a new Parliament that will see MPs asked to address and consider many, many issues and concerns impacting all Canadians.

Hopefully those same MPs, from either the government or opposition benches, will keep in mind the need for agriculture to be supported and promoted over the next five years and beyond.

And of course area residents are encouraged to do their part by getting out to vote on Sept. 20.

Dan Singleton is an editor with the Albertan.