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Police urge gawkers to avoid tornado path of destruction

Didsbury RCMP are urging gawkers to stay away from the area where the July 1 tornado tore through the county, saying their actions, like stopping in the road and taking pictures are literally dangerous.
People quickly began clearing debris after the tornado roared through Mountain View County during the afternoon of July 1. RCMP is urging motorists not to stop and gawk at the destruction. Doug Collie/MVP Staff

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY — Didsbury RCMP are urging motorists to stay away from the path of destruction where the July 1 tornado tore through the county, saying their actions are literally dangerous. 

“The increased number of motorists coming to the area to have a look is causing issues,” a news release issued Sunday evening by RCMP Cpl. Gina Slaney said. 

“RCMP can confirm that a female motorist was charged today with careless driving and distracted driving when she stopped in the middle of the road, parked her vehicle and proceeded to take pictures, even when she was told to move on by police and peace officers,” Slaney’s media release said. “Her actions caused a huge traffic issue. 

“As well, officers had to respond to a collision in the area as people were not paying attention to the road,” Slaney added. 

“First responders are far too busy in that area to deal with these issues. Please be respectful and stay away.”

The tornado, which has garnered national attention, tore across a large tract of Mountain View County north of Carstairs shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon (July 1), causing damage to more than a dozen homes and destroying five completely.

RCMP said one woman was trapped in her basement as her home was destroyed above her, but Carstairs Fire Department pulled her from the rubble and she only suffered minor injuries.

Twenty-five cows and 20 chickens were killed on properties hit by the tornado, said RCMP, adding one horse also had to be put down.

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