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Hope 4 MVC Kids is playing a vital role

“Thank you on behalf of all the residents of Mountain View County," reeve tells non-profit

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - The Hope 4 MVC Kids non-profit society is playing a vital role in supporting sick youngsters and their families across the district, county councillors said.

“Nothing brings home what you do more than when you talk to a family that has benefited from the help and the care and the consideration you give them,” said Mountain View County (MVC) deputy reeve Greg Harris. 

Reeve Bruce Beattie echoed Harris’ comments.

“You see a need and actually do something about it, so that’s special,” said Beattie. “Thank you on behalf of all the residents of Mountain View County. You are truly volunteers and thanks for all you do.”

Coun. Al Kemmere commended organization members for their efforts.

“You’ve filled so many gaps; unfortunately there are gaps and any system leaves gaps,” said Kemmere. 

Hope 4 MVC Kids is a non-profit society and CRA registered charity that provides support to families across Mountain View County with children in hospital or otherwise in need of medical care and support. 

Founder Lisa Nicholson appeared before MVC council as a delegation on July 14 to provide an update on the society’s activities, plans and programs.

The organization has a 11 board members, most of whom have personal or professional experience with children with medical challenges, she said. 

Regarding eligibility and selection criteria, the society covers families with children in Mountain View County (including in area towns and village) age 0-18 where the child has a medical diagnosis from a certified medical practitioner.

One of the society’s programs supports local children who require therapy, such as counselling, mental health needs, alternative therapy not covered by health insurance or other sources, as well as prescription supports not covered by health insurance or other sources.

Another society program provides support with car parking, meals, fuel, and sibling care, and if long-term hospital admission is required, there is also potential for additional supports such as rent/mortgage/utility assistance.

As well, assistance is provided for local children who need adaptive equipment for home or school that is not covered by other sources.

The society also assists with home adaptions due to illness or disability that is not covered by other sources, and assist local families with support, advocacy and information.

The society raises funds in the community through various activities, with 100 per cent of funds collected going to support approved families. Operating costs are paid from grants.

The society has approved about 80 applications to date totalling more than $200,000, she said. 

Regarding growth predictions, she said there has been about a 30 per cent yearly rise in applications since 2013. 

Over the next five years the amount needed is predicted to be $80,000 in 2021, $104,000 in 2022, $135,000 in 2023, and $175,000 in 2024.

The society’s Be Kind & Rewind - An '80s Experience charity fundraising gala event is scheduled for November 27 at  the Willow Land Barn outside Olds.

Additional volunteers and corporate sponsors are always welcome, she said.

“We really do appreciate the community and county’s support,” said Nicholson. “It’s a community organization that belongs to the people of Mountain View County. I’m very proud of our volunteers and I want to thanks them.”

Society officials can be contacted at 403-507-2299 or at or on Facebook.

Council accepted Nicholson’s report as information.

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