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County's rural addressing bylaw updates approved

Oil and gas sites not required to erect rural address signage

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY – County council has approved an updated rural addressing bylaw, which includes changes to the enforcement section.

The move came by way of third reading during the Aug. 12 regularly scheduled council meeting.

Under the addressing parcels section, the bylaw now reads: “All parcels in the county that have a development or a structure or as requested by the landowner, will be assigned a rural address by the county.”

The exemption section now reads: “Oil and gas sites are required to follow the addressing guidelines regulated by Alberta Energy and are not required to erect rural address signage.

“However if requested a rural address will be assigned and rural address signage must be installed in accordance with the regulations of this bylaw.

Regarding rural address signs, the bylaw now states that, “multiple residences off one approach should include signage to identify their individual assigned address prefix for emergency services.”

At the request of council, the enforcement section now states that a “peace officer for the purposes of this bylaw may carry out an inspection or enforcement activity in accordance with Section 542 of the Municipal Government Act.”

The original proposed update allowed a peace officer to “access any land, reserve or structure, at any time for inspection or enforcement activities.” At the direction of council, that section has been removed from the bylaw.

All seven councillors voted in support of bylaw.