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County permit applications trended down in 2020

About 681 permits were issued in 2020, down from 771 in 2019

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - Although complete 2020 building permit totals for Mountain View County haven't yet been made public, totals for the first nine months of the year indicate applications were down year-over-year.

Using the permit application totals for the first three quarters, a projected total for the entire year can be made.

In 2020, a total of 176 building permits (projected) were issued, down from 182 in 2019.

There were about 224 electrical permits issued, down from 270.

There were about 152 gas permits issued, down from 186.

There were 79 plumbing permits issued, up from 76 in 2019.

In all, about 681 permits were issued in 2020, down from 771 in 2019.

Nine commercial building permits for projects valued at $1,401,230 were issued in the first three quarters.On the industrial side, four permits were issued totalling $1,161,000.

There were 120 residential permits issued in the first three quarters totalling $11,384,254.

The total value of building permits issued for the first three quarters was $13,946,484, which projects to a 12-month total of $18,595,312.

There were 74 discretionary development permits, 73 permitted development permits, 10 exempt development permits, one redesignation permit, and two subdivision permits issued in the first three quarters.

The actual permit values could be released at the upcoming council meeting.

Meanwhile, there were 68 bylaw complaints registered in the first three quarters, which projects to 91 for the year, up from 68 in 2019.