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County council updated on land use proposed changes

Sundre lagoon lands eyed for rezoning

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - During the recent regularly scheduled council meeting, county council was given an update on some proposed changes to the land use bylaw, including regarding future upgrades to the Sundre sewage treatment lagoon.

A large-scale review of the land use bylaw is currently underway, with numerous amendments proposed.

The Town of Sundre is planning upgrades to the lagoon, which is located on county lands just north of Sundre and currently zoned agricultural, council heard.

County administration is recommending the area be rezoned as institutional, education and culture district with Public Service Districts.

“As a proactive approach to deal with the Town of Sundre’s proposed development upgrades at the lagoon site within the county, administration supports including the redesignation of these lands as part of the land use bylaw review,” administration said in a briefing note to council.

“While existing zoning will not limit the town’s ability to complete the improvements planned for this year, the benefit of the correct zoning will in future assist the town, surrounding landowners and the county.”

Council decided that the preferred method of rezoning would be to have the town approach the county and request the rezoning rather than have it be part of the larger land use bylaw review.

Administration is also considering a number of other amendments to align the land use bylaw with the municipal development plan (MDP).

One amendment would see the following wording contained within the site regulations of the R-CR (1) District deleted: “Special policy area in the municipal development plan: Minimum 0.40 ha maximum 0.80 ha.”

In the briefing note, administration said, “The MDP policies that supported higher residential density in this area were reduced from 80 lots per quarter section to 48 lots per quarter section; and the minimum parcel size of one acre was increased to two acres.”

Administration has provided an update on proposed changes to the land use bylaw to both the Agricultural Services Board and the Municipal Planning Commission, with both the board and commission providing no follow-up comments, council heard.

Council could consider first reading on all the land use bylaw amendments in June followed by a public hearing in July.



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