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Bergen-area re-designation proposal in aggregate area defeated

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY – County council has defeated the proposed re-designation of a property from agricultural district to country residential because the proposal does not fit with the Bergen area structure plan (ASP).

The move came during the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

The proposed re-designation involves 3.58 acres within NE 3-32-5-5, west of Rge. Rd. 52 and north of the Bergen Road. The re-designation would create a new country residential parcel.

“This is a proposal to create a new country residential parcel within a previously subdivided quarter section and would be the third title within the quarter,” administration said in a briefing note to council.

“According to the municipal development plan growth management conceptual strategy the quarter is within the potential multi-lot residential development area.”

Administration recommended rejection of the proposal because it is also within the provincial identified aggregate impact area and outlined as such in the Bergen ASP.

“The number of lots allowed to be subdivided from the aggregate impact area setback is restricted because of the setback from potential aggregate area deposits,” administration said.

“Within aggregate impact area setback, no new country residential lots are allowed. The setback area is the inner 300 metres in each quarter. Throughout the outer 500 metres of these quarters, landowners are advised of possible impacts from future aggregate operations.”

Applicant Dallas Rosevear, with Rosevear Land Services Ltd., called on council to approve the proposal despite administration’s recommendation.

“We feel that council has the tools and the ability to support and approve this application to create a win-win result,” said Rosevear. “We all realize gravel is a pretty valuable commodity and that we all use it and rely on it, but with that said we think there are certain aggregate resources that just aren’t feasible to produce and we feel that this particular zone may be one of those due to the number of residences and location of it being on top of that Bergen ridge overlooking that entire area.”

In a letter of support for the proposal, one area resident wrote, in part, that, “We believe that approval of this application will not adversely affect the area and it is one which the county can be confident in making as the immediate area surrounding the proposed application currently has numerous residences and the chance of a future gravel operation within the identified lands indicated on the aggregate resource map to be extremely remote.”

Coun. Greg Harris also said he could not support the proposal because it goes against the ASP.

“To me that ASP process is one of the most important that we have, going to the community and seeking their input, and if we don’t support those I question what we say about the whole ASP process. So I will support planning recommendations on this.”

Reeve Bruce Beattie said, “I have to continue to support the area structure plan as written.”

Coun. Peggy Johnson said,” Having worked on an area structure plan I know they are a tremendous amount of work. I agree that we put a tremendous amount of work into area structure plans and if they are not correct and they don’t reflect what the community wants I guess we need to review the ASP rather than work around it.”

Coun. Al Kemmere also said he could not support the proposal because it goes against the ASP.

Council voted unanimously to defeat the proposed re-designation.

Coun. Dwayne Fulton was not in attendance during the vote.


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