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Olds high school athlete works on Olympic goal

Adam Jorgenson was ranked number 1 among discus throwers under 18 at one point
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OLDS — A local throwing athlete is ranked number 2 in Canada for discus and number 5 for shot put.

He was even ranked number 1 among discus throwers under 18 at one point.

For the moment at least, Adam Jorgenson has no opportunity to improve on his current rankings because no more meets have been scheduled and athletes can’t even train together, due to COVID-19 restrictions, his coach, Rachel Andres says.

"Without being allowed to compete or even practise together, his numbers won’t be able to change unfortunately,” Andres wrote in an email.

During an interview, Jorgenson was asked how he copes with the lack of meets.

“I’m working out at home, doing a few things. I decided to go on one-mile runs each day and just keep going about that,” he said. 

He hopes one day to make the Canadian Olympic team.

“I would love to make the Canadian Olympic team, but that’s in the future, and whatever happens, I just need to focus on what’s happening now instead of what’s happening in the future.

“I don’t know really how I keep motivating myself. I think it’s just common knowledge between myself and my body that if I want to make it to the Olympics I’ve got to do this, so I think it’s just an understanding that I need to keep going.”

Andres agrees that Jorgenson has potential to eventually make the Canadian Olympic team, but likely not for a while.

“He’s improved quite a bit. That’s the nice thing about his age because there’s a lot of explosive growth that happens very quickly,” Andres said.

“His goal I think would be 2028. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s ready by 2024, but he has a couple of jumps in implement weight before that point.”

Before the latest provincial COVID restrictions, Jorgenson beat his previous personal best in discus with a throw of just over 41 metres during a meet earlier this spring. However, he believes he has even more potential in shot put.

Jorgenson is 17 and has one year of high school left. After he graduates, he plans to enrol in the military – in the infantry.

“I always had a dream as a child of being in the army and fighting for my country really, so I’d just like to follow up on my dream,” Jorgenson said.

“The military has a certain way where I can keep practising for track and field, so I would be fine with that.”


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