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John has a passion for the outdoors and living within our environment.

He is a technically educated professional that had his first career working with some of Canada’s largest employers. In 2003 he began his passion for the outdoors and started a career in Landscape Construction.

In 2007, John, with his wife Darlene and two children, boldly gave up a steady paycheque for freedom and the great unknown life of self-employment.
Working and experiencing all aspects of landscaping and construction has allowed him to specialize in fencing, patios, retaining walls, erosion, and environmental control.

Our modern-day lives and Alberta’s unique and changing climate have changed the ecological demands of our living spaces. The “norm” is now low or near-zero maintenance living spaces which many local jurisdiction’s have legislated. Alberta is on the cutting edge of this eco-friendly movement and it is an honor and a privilege to work within this landscaping community.

Cloverleaf Landworks has developed a strong local network of professionals within the horticultural and construction industries to work with customers to their complete satisfaction.