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Town of Didsbury's utility bill take unchanged

Nearly $50,000 expected to be generated

DIDSBURY – Town council has decided to keep ATCO and FORTIS franchise fees unchanged in 2021. The move came by way of motion at the Oct. 13 council meeting, with all councillors in attendance.

The companies pay the Town of Didsbury franchise fees, which are collected from customers based on a percentage of delivery in the case of ATCO and distribution and transmission in the case of Fortis.

In 2020 the ATCO percentage is 25 per cent, bringing in $35,000, while the Fortis rate is 17 per cent, bringing in $13,340.

In a briefing note to council, administration recommended that the rates remain unchanged in 2021.

“Given the current economic downturn in Alberta and across the globe, administration is recommending that both the ATCO and Fortis franchise fees be maintained at their current levels,” the note states.

According to a chart presented to council, Didsbury’s rates are in line with other municipalities in the district.