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Hundreds rally in Didsbury against COVID restrictions

COVID-19 is real but government strategy flawed, says Mountain View Freedom citizens group member
MVT Didsbury rally 1
Rally participants hold up signs calling for a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. The one-hour, peaceful rally was held at Reimer Plaza in Didsbury on Saturday. Dan Singleton/MVP Staff

DIDSBURY - About 250 people attended an outdoor rally in Didsbury today calling on the provincial government to loosen COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and community sports and recreation groups.

The Jan. 30 rally was spearheaded by the recently formed, Didsbury-based, Mountain View Freedom citizens group.

“I’ve very pleased,” said member Cindy Tippe, a Didsbury realtor. “We are here to educate people and give some awareness and perspective. I want people to get back to living. 

“COVID-19 is real but the provincial government strategy is flawed and the federal government strategy is also flawed. People have had enough and it’s been hard for everyone.”

James Carpenter is a Didsbury developer and the rally’s emcee.

“We are going to hold our government to facts and your rights shouldn’t be taken away from you,” said Carpenter. “We are proud Albertans and proud Canadians and may nothing stop us from having the freedom that we were given by God. We are here today to open up businesses.”

He called for local residents to support Didsbury businesses.

Former Innisfail town councillor Glen Carritt attended the rally. He said Friday’s announcement by Premier Jason Kenney that some relaxation of the COVID public health order restrictions planned for Feb. 8 don’t go far enough.

“It’s not even close to enough,” said Carritt. “We need to get all of these businesses open and they can do it safely.”

Many of those in attendance held placards calling for an end to COVID-19 restrictions. Most people were not wearing masks or face coverings.