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Cremona council's strategic plan includes development goals

Increasing commercial and residential development, tourism opportunities, and enhancing the nature trail and green spaces all part of plan for Cremona
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CREMONA - Village of Cremona council has approve the municipality’s new 2022-30 strategic plan.

The move came by way of motion at the Feb. 15 council meeting.

“I think it’s a really, really good document that gives everybody an idea of what we want to do,” Mayor Tim Hagen told the Albertan. “It will give the next councils something to work on and make changes if they need.”

The plan is based around the vision statement: “Cremona is and will always be a serene place that inspires citizens and visitors alike to dare to think about how beautiful their future can be.”

One of the four strategic goals outlined in the plan is enhancing two-way communication that both seizes opportunity and bridges gaps in the community.

“Our residents and community groups are the backbone of our community; relationships which we rely on to ensure the future is bright for the village. Our focus going forward will be finding ways to more effectively engage and communicate with both to strengthen these relationships,” the plan states.

Measures to help achieve the goal include plans to livestream future council meetings, conduct resident satisfaction surveys, work with community groups, and develop a communication strategy.

Another strategic goal is the continued beautification of the village’s natural areas.

“Natural area like the Cremona Nature Trail balanced with recreational facilities make the village a wonderful place to not only reside in, but also a wonderful place to visit or do business.”

Measures to help achieve that goal include increasing commercial and residential development, increasing tourism opportunities, and enhancing the nature trail and green spaces.

Another strategic goal is supporting the developed commercial and open spaces in the village.

“Our focus on supporting current businesses while also attracting new residents and businesses to the village will help ensure our sustainability into the future. It will mean that we keep our services and amenities all in one place for our residents, all while building our residential community to support our important local businesses.”

Measures to achieve that goal include increasing patronage of existing businesses, supporting new businesses in the village, and increasing the residential population.

The fourth strategic goal is to establish bylaw, policies and plans that drive sustained growth and financial sustainability.

“Elements of good governance are also necessary to ensure our ongoing success. This includes ensuring that bylaws are up-to-date, and other foundational plans are in place. This will help to ensure that council has important pieces of information to guide both short- and long-term decisions.”

Measures to achieve that goal include approval of a growth management plan, eliminating outdated/defunct bylaws and policies, approving a five-year capital plan and developing an infrastructure plan.

The Message from Council included in the plan states: “We are excited about the goals identified within our strategic plan. We feel the measures of success set our administration up to clearly understand what we want to see achieved during the next four years.”

In a briefing note to council, chief administrative officer Rudy Friesen said, “The strategic plan will share a vision for the future of the village. We have tremendous advantages that need to be leveraged in our pursuit of smart growth for the community.”

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