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Town of Carstairs capital budget 2023 totals $3.3 million

Money budgeted in 2023 for paving at Idaho and MacEwan Place in Carstairs

CARSTAIRS - Council has approved the 2023 capital budget, which calls for total spending of $3.3 million, including $930,000 on the lagoon dredging and infiltration project.

The approval came by way of motion following an in-camera session at the Jan. 9 council meeting.

The budget calls for infrastructure spending of $1,928,522, building and facility enhancement spending of $85,000, machinery and equipment spending of $771,682, land purchase spending of $255,000, and other capital expenses of $249,707, for a total of $3,305,912.

Operations projects approved include $15,000 for trench box, $928,446 for paving at Idaho and MacEwan Place, $77,294 for a mini loader, $21,000 for grader tires, $23,301 for JDD mower, $35,000 for Land Pride mower, $100,000 Toro mower, $57,492 for Kubuto F 2690 mower, $282,207 for sweeper, and $25,000 to replace Wallace/McAlphine sanitary line.

Golf course expenses are $16,000 for asphalt event tent/tarp shed, $61,000 Toro grounds master (carried forward from 2022), and $34,676 for irrigation (also carried forward from 2022).

Arena expenses are $15,000 to rebuild compressor #1, and emergency services expenses are $85,000 for office renovations.

Work on the 2023 operating budget is ongoing, says chief administrative office Rick Blair.