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Carstairs Fire Department pay policy changes approved

"Fair and equitable remuneration to all paid on-call (formerly all volunteer) firefighters," policy states

CARSTAIRS - Town council has approved several updates to the town’s attendance compensation policy for fire department members.

The move came by way of motion at the recent regularly scheduled council meeting.

Last updated in 2014, the policy statement now reads: “The Town of Carstairs will provide fair and equitable remuneration to all paid on-call (formerly all volunteer) firefighters. Remuneration will be structured so as to attract and retain competent and qualified firefighters and appropriately reward qualifications and experience.”

Paid-on-call firefighters are now defined as “a member with the department and is only paid at the hall, on a fire call, training or out in the public representing the department. They are not paid while being on call.”

The remuneration structure in the current policy includes $26 per hour for paid on-duty fire chief, $25 per hour for deputy chief, $24 per hour for captain, $23 per hour for lieutenant, $19.50 to $15.50 for firefighters depending on years of experience, and $21 per hour for administrative assistant.

Salaries for special assignment positions are also included in the current policy, including $10,000 for paid on-duty fire chief, and $5,000 for deputy fire chief.

An added section to the policy states that, “In the event that the county or the town determines that the remuneration structure contemplated above is no longer competitive to meet the needs of the department, the town shall initiate a regional discussion to identify a new remuneration structure for consideration.

“In the event that an additional category or specific consideration to be made due to their unique circumstance, that position should be compensated as closely to the approved remuneration structure as possible.”