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Bowden mayor pumped about economic development

One development seems to be spurring others, mayor indicates
MVT stock Robb Stuart
Town of Bowden Mayor Robb Stuart said huge strides are being made in the area of economic development in town. File photo/MVP Staff

BOWDEN — Mayor Robb Stuart is optimistic that the economy in Bowden will begin to grow this year thanks to activity along Highway 2. 

He expects development to occur despite the fact that COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc in the province. 

“Whether the virus goes away or not, I’m hoping we’re having a good year. We’re making huge strides on our economic development,” Stuart said during a year-end interview. 

One big source of that excitement is that a Tim Hortons restaurant will be built along Highway 2 as part of a development slated to include a Shell gas station and convenience store on the site of an old motel. 

The motel has been torn down, clearing the way for development. 

Stuart said over the past year or two, other economic development has occurred in Bowden as well. 

He noted a pizza business has opened along Highway 2.  

And the redevelopment of the former rest stop to accommodate development including an A & W restaurant and Chevron gas station have spurred activity. 

He even said the fact that council meets more frequently as the town’s municipal planning commission than the previous year is a positive development. 

"Hopefully that’ll continue, because for (my) first two terms as mayor I think if we met once every six or eight months, and now we’re meeting about every month or two months,” Stuart said.  

“A lot of times it’s just a fence for a development permit or something like that, right? But still, (it’s encouraging).”