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Mountain View County Division 1 vote recount confirms Monday’s result

Returning officer ordered recount in rural Carstairs area Oct. 18 vote

Editor's note: This article has been updated from the original to include the latest information.

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY - A recount conducted on the results of the Oct. 18 municipal election in Mountain View County Division 1 has confirmed the original outcome, officials said Wednesday.

Incumbent Dwayne Fulton received 290 votes in Monday’s vote and challenger Edward James Shaw received 289 votes.

On Tuesday, the returning officer ordered the recount, which occurred in the afternoon of Oct. 20 in the county office.

“The unofficial result of the recount is no change to the previous count,” said returning officer Christofer Atchison.

The recount took place under Section 98(1) of Local Authorities Election Act, which reads, in part, as follows: “The returning officer may make a recount of the votes cast at one or more voting stations if the returning officer considers that the number of valid ballots objected to, or rejected ballots other than those on which no vote has been cast by an elector, was sufficient to affect the result of the election if they had not been counted or rejected, as the case may be.”

The results of the Oct. 18 election are schedule to become official at noon on Friday.

Mountain View County Division 1 includes rural Carstairs.


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