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What Are the Best Products for Sun Protection?

As the largest organ in your body, your skin is essential for your overall health. UV rays from the sun can damage your skin, whether from premature aging, to sunburns, and potentially even skin cancer.
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Fortunately, there are a variety of products available for sun protection, requiring only a small amount of effort to offer your skin the protection it needs.


As the name implies, sunscreens are meant to block UV rays before they reach your skin. Typically available in lotion and spray-on forms, these products are very simple to apply.

The SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, of sunscreen tells the consumer the level of UV protection they’ll receive. While an SPF 30 rating is common, it’s typically recommended to use sunscreen with an SPF rating closer to 50. This ensures your skin is well protected even in high exposure conditions.

Depending on the sunscreen, a physical sun blocker may also be included with the chemical screen. Certain minerals stop and absorb UV rays before they reach your skin, offering another layer of protection, and making mineral sunscreens a great choice.

UV Blocking Cosmetics

When preparing for a day on the beach or an outdoor party with your friends, you want to look your best. This can include cosmetics to accent facial features. When cosmetics are used, the application of a regular lotion or spray sunscreen can cause smearing and ruin the effect.

In these cases, it can be very valuable to purchase cosmetics with an SPF rating. These will provide a measure of facial sun protection without the use of an additional sunscreen product.

Clothing and Accessories

One of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun is to keep the UV rays from reaching it. While it’s likely not practical or highly fashionable to dress from head to toe during the heat of summer, wearing special UV protective clothing can be exceptionally helpful. This could include sleeves, athletic wear or reflective jackets. It can also be helpful to wear a sun hat or cap to provide shade to your face.

Window tinting on vehicles can also provide strong sun protection. The many wide windows in a vehicle allow sun rays to enter the vehicle and damage your skin. With tinting, the harmful UV rays are absorbed, while allowing light through. In homes with bright, naturally lit areas , a light tint can reduce the UV rays and heat without reducing the brightness and enjoyment of natural sunlight.

UV rays can be very damaging to our skin, increasing the effects of aging, burning and potentially causing skin cancer. Whenever you are exposed to the sun, either outdoors or by windows, you are at risk of these effects. By using the correct sunscreens, protective cosmetics and clothing, you can protect your skin.

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