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Wellbeing Retreats in Alberta

You spend so much of your life working for someone else, giving your best, and generally wearing yourself down; you deserve a place to unwind, relax, and just be yourself, even if it's just for a night or three!
4-4 Alberta Retreats
Alberta has some of the best scenic retreats in the world. Credit: Pixabay

The idea of a vacation is usually at least a week long and almost always crosses provincial or national borders. When you want to get away, it makes sense to physically get as far away as your bank account will allow. But this is not always necessary! Take a personal day for your mental health. Take a weekend away from the job and the family and spend it on you. Check out the personal wellness spaces right in your neighbourhood!

Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre - Jasper, AB

Your time at the Sawridge Inn can be practically anything you want. Right on the edge of Jasper, you'll be well within walking distance of any number of acclaimed restaurants, cafes and local breweries. You'll also have easy access to local artisan shops as well in case shopping is part of your personal wellness therapy. Back at the hotel you'll also have access to the pool, gym and on-site massage, waxing and manicure treatments.

Banff Caribou Lodge & Spa - Banff, AB

Right at the foot of the mountains, your stay at the Caribou Lodge & Spa could be exactly what you need to recharge! Your room will have all the amenities you are used to like Wi-Fi and a cable TV, in case you just want the privacy of your own space. You can also select suites that have available hot tubs or fireplaces for extra coziness. Banff will provide any other services you might need to unwind. Nearby spas can have steam rooms, natural hot pools, hydrotherapy or other esthetic services to help you get back to your best self.

Evolve Retreat Co - Priddis, AB

If you're looking for a more guided and structured path to wellness, consider Evolve in Priddis. Programs here are usually five days or more, so if you're looking to truly detox from the world, a place like this might be right up your alley. Classes and program options here include cooking and nutrition, lifestyle mentorship, personal training, physical fitness and motivational lectures. Evolve also offers tours and hikes of the nearby mountains and lakes or yoga classes if you're more physically inclined. But don't worry, it's not a completely structured visit. You'll definitely have some time to yourself to explore the area, grab a beer, or just exist on your own for a minute or two.

Make Your Vacation Suit You

So many of us picture jetting off to lands barely known whenever we are lucky enough to have a vacation. But here in Alberta we are uniquely blessed with incredible landscapes, desirable hiking trails and amazing views wherever we look.  It's so incredibly worth it to experience the province that we live in.

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