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Top 10 Paleo Breakfast Recipes

The idea of clean eating sounds appealing but diets such as raw veganism, vegetarianism, and other plans just seems so strenuous, right? Well chances are if you ended up on this article you've probably heard of a paleo diet before, and if you're thinking about going on paleo, how do you know if it's right for you, and what are you even supposed to eat?
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Eats can be a versatile ingredient for a Paleo diet. / Credit: Pixabay

Let’s dive in and see if this eating plan is something you would enjoy.

What is the Paleo Diet?

To put it basically, a paleo diet is an eating plan similar to the diet of early humans in the Stone Age. This diet consists of things like meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables, almost anything you can find in nature. Paleo proponents claim that because of the “modern way of farming,” and adding things such as grains and other additives to our food, we’ve caused ourselves to have so many diet-related diseases today. They claim that our bodies didn't have enough time to adjust the new way of eating.

How to know if paleo is right for you

As always, before going on a new diet you should consult your doctor to make sure that the diet is right for you. The biggest cons with the paleo diet are that this diet is not personalized, so if you need special accommodations due to certain health risks, the diet doesn't have any room for that. Also, paleo can minimize variation in your food which can get tiring. Limited choices also cut out beneficial food groups, something to be careful about if you have no real need to give up entire food groups like carbs. Also, if you suffer from an eating disorder, a fad or popular diet may not be for you. Eating disorders require medical intervention and therapy work.

What are some good paleo breakfast recipes?

If paleo is a good option for you, check out these breakfast foods. Even if paleo isn’t something you want to do full-time, incorporating some of these recipes is a fun way to add variety to your routine.


It's always good to try new things but make sure to consult your doctor before you go on a strict paleo diet. You could always just try a couple of meals for fun, because honestly, they are very tasty! As with any diet, make sure you are making sustainable, healthy choices.

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